My mom turns 85!

On February 15th, my mom will be 85 years old.  How fortunate that I still have my mom to call every night.  To hear her stories of her youth, living in Austria during Hitler’s reign, at age 21 moving to America as a new bride, and outliving two husbands, and her current one with Alzheimer’s in an assisted living facility, she manages to enjoy life and everyone she meets.  She is one of the happiest people I know.  So I get to spend tomorrow and Monday with her.   To celebrate her life and my love for her, I decided to bake a cake and make her a homemade birthday card.  The house smells wonderful of homemade strawberry cake as I sit in my craft room and create.  Here is the card I made.  I love this stamp set and the paper.  It is so feminine.  Have an awesome day everyone!