8 Reasons Hobbies are Important

Think for a moment, what are your hobbies? Why do you do them? Did you ever think, “why did my parents make me take piano lessons, take ballet and tap, and attend Girl Scout meetings?” It was to channel your inner talents so that later on, when you have a full time job and all those responsibilities that come with adulting, you have a talent and something else to look forward to doing.  I know that some days all you want to do is plant yourself in front of the TV until bedtime. I get it. I used to do just that. But now I find doing my hobbies is much more rewarding. So as I sit here on the bus this morning listening to my Pandora (Roger Waters “Shine On You Crazy Diamond Live”. Those who know me well know that another big love of mine is music) and as I think of why I stamp, cook, exercise, camp, read, and listen to music, I came up with eight reasons.

1. To relieve stress – it helps me forget about that awful workday and the responsibilities resting on my shoulders.

2. Builds my self-esteem – The more I hobby, the better I get.

3. To meet people – the ladies I have met in my stamping classes and the friends and family I connect with when I camp – priceless!

4. To reconnect with family – I get to spend QUANTITY time with my husband, kids and relatives when we travel. And having my family at the dinner table after a delicious home-cooked meal for sometimes a couple of hours, laughing and sharing memories, is so much fun!

5. To avoid boredom – I have a problem with just sitting around. I have to be doing something all of the time. So why not learn something? It feels so rewarding.

6.  To keep me young – it keeps me moving which is healthy, especially later in life.

7. It makes me more interesting – I can only talk about my line of work in “Trust Services”, the weather, or the latest episode of Game of Thrones for so long.

8. It saves me money – most definitely! Becoming a Stampin’ Up! Demonstrator and teaching classes in my home has added to my income; and learning to cook well for my family instead of eating out saves money for sure. Uh wait – camping on the other hand is “spending a fortune living like a homeless person”. Teehee

So tell me! What are your hobbies? Do any of these reasons resonate with you, or do you have another reason you would like to share?


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